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Wizard of Oz Theme Party Supplies

Wizard of Oz Theme Party Supplies, Party Decorations, Favors,Tips and Ideas! If your child loves Wizard of Oz, Party Supplies by Vicki is the place for for all of your Wizard of Oz Theme Party Supplies and Party Decorations!

Fun Activities

Ruby Slipper Relay

Before the party, cut four large slippers from red posterboard (or you can color any type of cardboard). Each slipper should be approximately 12-15 inches long. Divide your party guests into two teams and give the first person in each line two slippers. These slippers become the only thing they can step on as they travel from the front of the start/finish line, around a chair, and back again. To begin, place one slipper on the ground and step on it, then place the second slipper on the ground and step on it. Pick up the first slipper and repeat these steps until the player has returned to the finish line. They then hand the slippers to the next player in line. The team that finishes the race first, wins!

Catch the Cowardly Lion’s Tail
Have the children stand in a single-file line. Each child holds onto the waist of the person in front them. The child at the front of the line is the head of the lion and the child at the end of the line is the tail. The object of this game is for the head to catch the tail by chasing it. When they succeed, that person becomes the tail and the second person in line becomes the head. This continues until everyone has had a chance to be the head of the lion. Encourage the children to make their best roaring noises to make the game even more fun!

Pin the Heart on the Tin Man
Before the party, cut out enough red hearts so that each party guest has one. On a large piece of posterboard, draw a picture of the Tin Man, with a heart drawn in red ink, and attach it securely to the wall. Before the game, hand each child a heart and tell them to write their name on it (you may even suggest they decorate it, too). When you are about to begin, place a piece of tape on the back of each heart. Use a scarf to blindfold each child when it’s their turn. Spin them around three times and point them in the direction of the Tin Man. The child whose heart is placed closest to the hand-drawn heart on the Tin Man’s chest is the winner! You many want to play this game several times and let a new person go first each time. To make the game even more memorable, you can pass out heart-shaped candies after the last round!

Surprise Gift
For this game, wrap a theme-related gift in tissue paper. Then, continue wrapping layers of tissue around the gift, adding a small prize (such as a sticker) with each layer of tissue. Wrap over and over again until you have one big present.

Seat your guests in a circle and pass the gift around while playing music from the Wizard of Oz. When the music stops, the player who is holding the present removes one layer of tissue. Continue until the all layers have been removed to reveal the surprise gift! For fun, use ruby slippers filled with candy as the surprise gift or a selection of candy so that everyone gets to share the surprise gift!

Delectable Treats

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Punch
Create a drink that’s as much fun to make as it is to drink. Freeze several of your child’s favorite Kool-Aid® flavors (berry, orange, lemon, lime, grape, etc.) in ice cube trays. Only fill trays half-full so more colored cubes will fit in each glass. When it is time to serve, place ice cubes in a large bowl and let each child fill her own glass (tall clear cups work well). Pour lightly-colored soda over the cubes and watch their eyes sparkle as they sip their Rainbow Punch.

Dorothy’s Delicious Lemonade
Make a refreshing party drink at home and let the birthday girl help! Combine 2 cups of sugar, 1 cup lemon juice, and the juice from 6 freshly-squeezed lemons. Stir until sugar has dissolved. Pour mixture into a 2-quart container and fill with water. Add ice to cool. Makes 12 (8-ounce) servings. Pour lemonade into a punch bowl and add a few drops of yellow food coloring for intensity. To make your guests feel like extra special little ladies, place miniature paper umbrellas next to the punch bowl and let each girl top off her drink in style!

Glinda’s Magical Wand Sandwiches
We guarantee you won’t need Glinda the Good Witch to help make these tasty sandwiches disappear. Use a cookie cutter to create star-shaped sandwiches. (Peanut butter & jelly, or cheese sandwiches work best). Arrange sandwiches neatly on a platter and use thinly sliced carrot sticks to create the wands.

Ham & Cheese Roll-Ups
Purchase your favorite brand of hot dogs, cheese, and refrigerator croissants. Slice hot dogs lengthwise and cut cheese into strips. Unroll croissants and stuff them with hot dogs and cheese. Roll croissants back up and bake as directed, or until golden brown.

Decorating Tips

Spread your tablecover on your party table. If your child has any theme-related toys, you can add them to the table for a more festive display. Cut several one-to-two-foot-long pieces of curling ribbon. Curl the ribbon by pulling it between your thumb and the blade of your scissors. Lay the resulting curls on your table for added color. Hang balloons in bunches for the best effect. If you choose to fill balloons with helium, wait until the party day to ensure they float well!

Use balloons to mark the party spot; hang them on the mailbox, near the front door, or tie them to the birthday child's chair to mark the seat of honor.

Place balloons anywhere that strikes your fancy. The more the better!

Gather six or eight streamers and attach them to the ceiling in the center of the party room (or over the table). Use a light fixture over the table, if you have one, as the center point for the streamers.

To create colorful two-tone streamers, put two differently colored streamers back-to-back, twist as you walk them to the wall, and attach at shoulder height.

Smile for the Camera!
Be sure to take lots of pictures. You and your child will want to remember this special party. A helpful hint: Order extra prints and send them to the parents afterward. Remember, it's not necessary to have everyone in each picture. Focus on small groups and avoid posing all the photos. Candids capture the laughter best!

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The Wizard of Oz is a registered trademark of Turner Entertainment Co.

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